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Bars FAQ’s

No, our website is free for anybody to use and we do not charge or accept any commissions or fees on venue bookings or enquiries.

Bars can often be busy in service hours over lunch 12-3pm and Dinner service 6pm-10pm, some don’t even start until late afternoon or be expectantly short staffed. A usual response time is a few hours. If you haven’t had any contact over the course of a full work-day contact us and we will chase it up with the bar for you.

Keep in mind some bars may only operate their office Monday to Friday if you have enquired on a weekend.

You’re in luck! Yes, of course, we can help. Almost every bar these days is fitted out with the latest AV equipment and has a meeting room that can double as a private dining space for a business lunch. [PD’S] venue profiles will give you an AV Equipment indicator or you can search specifically for bars with AV Equipment, Australia wide. Click Here to start your search.

The obvious one is a bar will have an extensive range of cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits to go with great food for you and your guests attending your private dining event. Click here for our great list of Australia wide bars with private dining rooms.

You’ve arrived at the right place! At [PD], We find it’s one of the advantages of being at the forefront of the marketplace however, some hidden bars still slip through the cracks. If you know of a great new bar with a dedicated private dining space, share your secret, contact us and let us know. To keep updated with the latest news on the newest bars from our end, become a Member and Join Now.

It’s a question that’s often asked. In short, if the bar agrees prior to making your booking then you can. Be aware that the industry standard will charge cakage fees and you may need to sign a waiver for providing food to your guests, that has not been prepared by the bar. Keep in mind there is a real cost to cakage, someone has to portion, serve and wash the crockery and cutlery. In this day and age with food allergies, you need to also check off all the ingredients with all of your guests. In short at [PD] we believe the best etiquette is to leave it to the experts, as that’s what the private dining venue does best.

We love to partner with new businesses. There are several ways in which [PD] can help you generate more targeted enquiries to your winery and overall web strategy. Just be aware not every bar falls within our parameters and every bar must have its own dedicated private dining space, so a site viewing and consultation by one of [PD’S] team will need to be organised.

We have 2 ways to get you started. Email Us or call on +61 3 9328 5488, tell us a little bit about your bar and what you are trying to achieve and one of our BDM’s will be in touch to talk.

Yes, we certainly can help with finding a suitable bar for you to host your upcoming private dining event.

Simply, Click here to view the list of bars with private dining rooms for hire.

That means we don’t know about it yet! We’d love you to share your cafe secret with us and value your input. So please email us and tell us all about your bars private dining space.

Yes, of course we can, that’s what we do? Click here to view the list of bars with private dining rooms for hire.

We love to receive recommendations. If you’ve had a great experience, own or work a café with a dedicated private dining space or room, let us know. We like to think we’ve got most bases covered however we realise we can’t be everywhere at once and appreciate your input and help. Click here to Contact Us with your bar recommendation.